Welcome to the APE Cobra Hardtop website.  After operating a Cobra replica as a "daily driver" it becomes clear that there is a genuine need for affordable products to enhance the Cobra experience.  Taking aim at weather and creature comfort concerns, we work to produce the best functionality and best value in our hardtop design.  


Our products are engineered to appeal to the discriminating Cobra replica owner who desires improved functionality at a cost effective price.  We focus on making our Removeable Hardtop and Removable Flip-up windows the best solution to protecting you and you cobra replica.


Sincerely yours in Cobras,
Mike Kelley, Owner


Your hard top and side window combo is the best! Now I can enjoy the ride on these chilly fall and winter New England nights.  The Vintage Air Heater on low makes for a warm and cozy cabin and... girl friend.  My desire to ride in extreme weather almost overrode my hesitation to live with 1/2" stainless snap posts around the cockpit surround for the soft top with it’s thin flexible side windows. 


Then while researching hard tops I spotted your A.P.E. Products HT. The rest is history.  I drove it to work this week with the HT and SW combo - leaving in 39+ degree temperatures but with a warm and comfortable ride home. Needless to say, I am a happy man.



Bob Rego


Thought I'd report on the new windows which succinctly put, are fantastic!

I ran with only the passenger side in place for a long time on the return leg of the Stooges tour, and really liked the air flow through the interior that way; plenty of air to keep you cool, and very little "shifting" of the base of the window against the upper surface of the door. Interestingly, even at 120 mph, the psgr side only configuration is stable and effective as described above! However, after my speed testing was so rudely interrupted in Nevada by a state trooper, I didn't get to try both installed at high-speed.


I did run a lot in heavy rain with both windows in place, on the Stooges trip and back here in Fla. Biggest surprise: NO COBRA LEG!!!  You know how, in heavy rain, water came around the windshield frame, ran back and got caught in the door/body crack, then blew onto your left leg like an open fire hydrant? It always soaked your entire leg, but NOT with the new windows. The bulb seal running across the body/door joint apparently breaks up the water flow, so it doesn't stream in like before. MAJOR improvement! New Window is a keeper for wet protection! 


I love the windows, and can't tell you how much I appreciate getting them...PERSONALLY INSTALLED BY THE INVENTOR!  Your windows are just brilliantly simple and effective. I think you have a keeper. 


John Phillips


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The best selling APE Hardtop and Flip-up window system continues. 


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