Like most of my customers, I have a deep passion for the legendary AC Cobra. I admire it's raw power and simplicity.  However, as I've gotten older, softer and maybe a bit more practical, I want a Cobra replica as a daily driver -- for transportation to the office during the week and to the race track on the weekend.  In short, I want it all! 


And why not drive it daily?  Well, we think you should.  We produce a Hardtop System using our unique Removable Flip-Up windows that attach to the top, not the doors. The APE Hardtop system provides superior weather protection when installed yet retains the unadultrated roadster when removed.  Our goal was to keep a legendary vintage car, and compliment it with an innovative design.


I want my customers to know right up front, I do this as a "hobby gone out of control".  I don't do this to make a living... I do this to make our well engineered products available to other Cobra enthusiasts. We are a small company offering you the best in design and quality for a reasonable price. 

-- Now Available Again --


The best selling APE Hardtop and Flip-up window system continues. 


Now under new ownership and
management of 
Mike Kelley, a
fellow FFR roadster owner, who can be contracted at 503-706-1400

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